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Connex CX3300HP - Connex 3300 HP
Our Price: $225.00

  • Dual Mosfet Finals
  • BLUE meter light
  • BLUE Channel LED
  • Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output
  • Red/Green Transmit LED
  • Noise Blanker
  • Automatic Noise Limiter
  • PA
  • Echo Board with Two Controls
  • Talk Back "ON" during Echo
  • Two Power Output Levels
  • 10 Watts FM /AM power
  • 40W AM peak power
  • Pre-wired for FC 347 Frequency Counter
  • AM,FM, Mobile
  • Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain
  • Echo and Talk-Back, With On/Off Switch
  • Hi/Low Power Switch
  • Band Selector (6)
  • NB/ANL
  • PA
  • Dual Finals
  • 40 watts
Product Manual: Click Here
Connex 3300FHP - Connex 3300 FHP with Frequency Counter
Our Price: $249.00

The new Connex 3300 FHP is very similar to the popular Connex 3300HP, but with a few extra features. The biggest feature is the 5 digit frequency counter so you can see what frequency you're operating on. This makes it much easier to match up bands and frequencies when trying to communicate with someone else on a different radio. Another addition is a variable talkback control and a variable RF Power control so you can manually adjust those settings instead of just having an on/off or hi/low switch like the regular 3300HP's have.

CONNEX3300F Features:

  • Blue LED Display Lights
  • 5 Digit Frequency Counter
  • Variable Talkback Control: Allows you to turn up or down the Talkback volume
  • Variable RF Power: Allows you to lower your RF Power
  • Built-in SWR Meter
  • 10 Watts Maximum Power Output AM, 45-50 Watts Modulation
  • Echo Board with Two Controls: Lets you control the volume and amount of delay.
  • Noise Blanker/ Automatic Noise Limiter: Reduces extra static and recieve noise

CONNEX3300F Specifications:

  • Length: 9 1/4in
  • Width: 7 7/8in
  • Height: 2 3/8in

Included Parts:

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • 3 Pin Two-wire power cord
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Knobs
  • Microphone Holder
  • Operation/Owner’s Manual
Connex 4300HP Turbo Radio - Connex 4300 HP 70+ Watts 2SC2290
Our Price: $285.00

  • AM, FM
  • Vol,sq,mic gain, RF gain
  • Variable power
  • 80-110w+ after tuning (tuning not Included)
  • One 2SC2290 final
  • Blue meter light and channel LED's
  • Dual Echo
  • On/Off talkback switch
  • Front mic jack
  • 10KHz switch

The Connex 4300hp is the last of a dying breed of 10 meter radio that still uses 2SC2290 transistors and not the mosfets that a lot of the more recent "power" radios posses. Get one while they are still in stock because there is no guarantee these will be available indefinitely! Great talking radio that can be expanded and peaked upon request! This radio will do 80-110 watts after expert tuning from our qualified technicians!
Connex CX4400 Turbo Radio - Connex CX 4400 Turbo
Our Price: $325.00

  • AM,FM mobile
  • 100 Watts
  • Blue Channel LED's and Meter Light
  • Vol,sq,mic gain,RF gain
  • Band selector (8)
  • Dual echo
  • Variable talk back control
  • PA

Connex Saturn CX33 SSB Base 10 Meter Radio
Our Price: $490.00

  • Blue LED Ch/Meter/Freq Lights

  • AM/FM 10watt, SSB 25watt

  • Calibrate Control, RF Gain

  • Dimmer Control, Mic Gain

  • Talkback/Off Control

  • Time/Echo, Channel Selector

  • Mode Selector

  • Fr. Pool

  • Squelch Control

  • PA Switch

  • RF Power Control

  • Volume Control

  • Coarse Control

  • Fine Control

  • Phone Jack


  • SWR Calibrate Switch

  • NB/ANL/OFF Switch

  • RF/SWR Meter

  • Roger Beep Switch

  • Signal Modulation Meter

  • +10KHz Switch

  • Ch 19 Switch

  • Frequency Counter

  • Function: PA-FM-AM-USB-LSB-CW

  • Front Speaker
Connex CX4600 Turbo 10 Meter Radio - Connex CX 4600 Turbo
Our Price: $509.00

  • AM,FM mobile, Dual echo
  • 100w factory - 150w+(after tuning)
  • 2 x 2SC2290 finals
  • Vol,sq,mic gain,RF gain
  • Band selector (8)
  • Variable talk back control
  • 10KHz switch
  • Black frequency counter jack on back
  • Small heat sink on bottom with 2 internal fans
  • PA
The Connex 4600 Turbo is the last of a dying breed of 10 meter radio that still uses 2SC2290 transistors and not the mosfets that a lot of the more recent "power" radios posses. Get one while they are still in stock because there is no guarantee these will be available indefinitely! Great talking radio that can be expanded and peaked upon request!
Connex CX4300-300 Radio Connex CX 4300-300
Our Price: $599.00

Frequency Range 28.065 to 28.505 MHz
Frequency Control Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesizer.
Frequency Tolerance 0.005%
Frequency Stability 0.001%
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +50 °C.
Microphone Plug-in dynamic; with push-to-talk switch and
coiled cord.
Input power 13.8V DC nominal, 15.9V max, 11.7V min.(Positive or negative ground).

AM/FM Hi Power 40A.

Squelched, 0.3A.
  Maximum Audio output, _ 0.7A.
Size 3-1/8 H, 7-7/8 W, 10-3/4 D
Weight 12.0 1bs.
Antenna Connector UHF, SO239
Meter Illuminated; indicates relative output power,
received signal strength.

Power output AM/FM, - Selectable 75W/10W
AM Peak Power 300 Watts.
Modulation High-and low-level Class B, AM
Variable capacitance FM.
Spurious Emissions 60 dB
Frequency Response AM and FM: 450 to 2500 Hz.
Output Impedance 50 ohms, unbalanced
Output Indicators Meter- shows relative RF output power.
Transmit LED glows red when transmitter is
in operation.

Sensitivity AM: 0.5 mV for 10 dB (S+N)/N at greater than
½ -watt of audio output.
  FM: 1.0 mV for 20 dB (S+N)/N at greater than
½-watt of audio output.
Selectivity AM/FM: 6 dB @ 3 KHz, 50 dB @ 9 KHz.
Image Rejection More than 65 dB.
IF Frequency AM/FM: 10.695 MHz 1st IF, 455 KHz 2nd IF
Rejection 60 dB AM
RF Gain Control 45 dB adjustable for optimum signal
Automatic Gain Control
(AGC) Less than 10 dB change in audio output for
inputs from 10 to 100,000mV.
Squelch Adjustable; threshold less than 0.5 mV.
ANL Switch-able
Noise Blanker RF type
Audio Output Power 4 watts into 8 ohms.
Frequency Response 300 to 2800 Hz.
Built-in Speaker 8 ohms, round. or External Speaker (Not Supplied) 8 ohms; disables internal speaker when connected.

   4 x SD1446 Finals (some have 2sc2290)

   BLUE meter light

   BLUE Channel LED

   Red/Green Transmit LED

   Noise Blanker

   Automatic Noise Limiter


   Echo Board with Two Controls

   Talk Back "ON" during Echo

   Two Power Output Levels

   75 Watts FM /AM power

   300+W AM peak power

   Pre-wired for FC 347 Frequency Counter
Ranger RCI 69FFB4 Ranger RCI69FFB4 Black Case RCI 69 FF B4 400+ Watts
Our Price: $739.00

*AM, FM, SSB 10 Meter Radio
*Now with Black case. Heat Sink on rear
*Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain
*Fine/Corse Clarifier
*Frequency Counter (6 Digit)
*Power 200w AM, FM & CW - 400w SSB
*Echo On/Off Switch (Internal echo adjustment included with tuning. It is set for a clean sound).
*Variable Talk back Control
*Variable RF Power Control
*10KHz switch
*SWR Meter
*Roger Beep With Switch
*Dimmer Hi/Low
*Mic, power cord and mounting accessories included with all radios.